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When the cricket season arrived in England in 1971, Charles represented an RAF side against the Lord's Taverners at Cranwell. And he came in to bat in majestic fashion.

Indeed, he rode in, on horseback, all padded up. Some say he also carried a polo stick.

Lords Taverners matches had witnessed a lot of sterling moments, but this was perhaps the most memorable. It prompted a typically lively cartoon by Giles, showing the prince in regal armour, charging into the ground, and trapping the umpire with a toss of his lasso.

Thanks to Bonnie Prince Charles opening a match on a horse, it looks as if we are in for some brighter cricket.

After this fascinating entry, however, his stint at the wicket was brief. The Prince managed to score 10 before being dismissed by the recently retired Ken Barrington.

However, in the same match, Charles Phillip Arthur George (that is indeed his full name) got his revenge. When his side fielded, he bowled 7 eventful overs for the RAF. A tad expensive, he conceded 37 runs in these overs. However, he had the satisfaction of picking up two wickets: one of them was that of Barrington.

Yes, the royal hand dismissed the man who scored 6,806 runs for England at 58.67.

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