Centenary Virtual Library

Our grateful thanks to the RAFC Cranwell Photographic Department

for this video record of the installation.

The 7' high bronze statue was erected to commemorate the  Father of the College which celebrated its centenary in 2020.

The Cranwellian Association raised the funds necessary to erect this fine statue and donations were made by  both individuals and corporates.

The original sketch for the College Coat of Arms appeared in the College Journal of Autumn 1936.

All around the College you will see the College Coat of Arms.

Awarded: December 1929

Blazon: Shield: Azure on a Chevron between three Cranes Volant all Argent as many Torteaux each charged with a Lion’s face Or.

Crest: On a Helm with a Wreath of the colours a figure representing Daedelus proper winged and crined Or. Mantled Azure doubled Argent.

Supporters: On either side standing upon a Scroll Or bearing the motto “Superna Petimus” in letters Azure two Eagles wings addorsed and inverted Argent beaked and legged Gules langued and armed Azure gorged with an Astral Crown Or charged with a Fleur-de-Lys Or the dexter fimbriated Vert the sinister fimbriated Gules.

Link: The Arms of the College were granted on 19 December 1929 and are based on the Arms of the de Cranewell family which were discovered in the village Church in the 17th Century. They feature three cranes with wings spread, emblematic of long distance flight. The background of the shield is blue, symbolising the sky and the three lion’s faces in red and gold on a chevron represent the College’s royal connections. The crest shows Daedelus, the mythical first aviator, and after whom the station was initially named when it was first established by the RNAS during the First World War.

The College was further granted the right to bear supporters on its existing Armorial Bearings in May 1972. Eagles were chosen to represent modern birds of the air, silver aircraft. Their red legs and beaks establish a link with Lord Trenchard whose own Coat of Arms bore red eagles as supporters. The astral crowns indicate that the RAF College is the world’s first Military Air Academy. The two Fleur-de-Lys are edged in green to show the College’s close association with Lincolnshire and red to indicate the College’s ties with Bedfordshire, the home of the RAF Technical College Henlow which merged with Cranwell in 1966.

Motto: Latin: Superna Petimus – We strive for higher things


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